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We work hard to achieve this through deep understanding, intelligent strategy and inspiring creativity all delivered by our team of proven experts.

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A creative approach to business.

An experienced product design approach, using a wide range of skill-sets enabling us to create effective and memorable business communications across a number of brand touchpoints. The goal is always to deliver the ‘big idea’ and engage the right people through the relevant channels.

Design Studio

A special workshop designed for UX, Product Managers/Product Owners, Product Leaders (Directors/VP Product) and Startup Co-Founders from Technology-Powered Product Companies that will help you deep dive into the product vision and help teams ideate and generate a lot of ideas, using proven methods from the world's best technology product teams.  You will use techniques from Product Discovery, Lean Startups, Design Thinking, Agile, and Customer Development during the design studio.

Strategic Research

Company success & growth now more than ever relies on how a company deals with their customers. Helping clients understand the continually changing competitive landscape and connect with their future consumers by combining progressive qualitative and quantitative methodologies to achieve this. Also conducting extensive ethnographic research that brings previously undiscovered communities to life at a truly visceral level.

Multi-Device Experience

UX Discovery challenge to find ways to accelerate OTT streaming efforts through a combination of universal casting and synchronised commerce with mobile shop experience without disrupting video on TV.

Daily Discovery

Discover Q app! Elevating personalised User Generated Content of Live and VOD videos. Keep her entertained and engaged with smart related video suggestions. Get the Live Momentum into VOD. Easy add-to-cart and checkout flow.

Offer her the perfect symbiosis between entertaining, engagement and shopping.

Next Generation TV

Effortlessly launch a regional or global SVOD service using our powerful App Framework. Working with agile teams to delivery an end-to-end service in as little as 6 weeks.

UX workshops

Driven by the collaboration and feedback of clients, developed a set of unique and extremely effective workshops that enable teams to leverage their training and quickly begin to deliver results.


Helping businesses define a brand vision and strategy to create distinctive communications that inspire their people and engage their clients. By innvesting time in getting to know a business, immersing ourselves in their world to deliver a tailor-made brand language that allows them to make the most of today’s modern marketing mix.

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